Using the DSEFS REST interface

DSEFS provides a REST interface that implements the commands from WebHDFS.

The REST interface is enabled on all DSE nodes running DSEFS. It is available at the following base URI: http://<node_hostname_or_IP_address>:5598/webhdfs/v1

For example from a terminal using the curl command:

curl -L -X PUT 'localhost:5598/webhdfs/v1/fs/a/b/c/d/e?op=MKDIRS' &&
curl -L -X PUT -T logfile.txt '' &&
curl -L -X POST -T logfile.txt 'localhost:5598/webhdfs/v1/fs/log?op=APPEND'

If the DSE cluster has authentication enabled, use the curl --location-trusted parameter when the WebHDFS noredirect parameter is false (the default value).

Or from the DSE Spark shell:

val rdd1 = sc.textFile("webhdfs://localhost:5598/webhdfs/v1/fs/log")

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