DSE Tiered Storage

This feature is deprecated in DataStax Enterprise 6.8. It will be removed in a future version.

DSE Tiered Storage is part of the multiple storage options offered in DataStax Enterprise for optimizing performance and cost goals. DSE Tiered Storage automates the smart movement of data across different types of storage media to improve performance and reduce manual processes. DSE Tiered Storage improves efficiency of faster and more expensive media, and mitigates the performance impact that slower storage media has on your most common queries. With DSE Tiered Storage, older data is moved to the slower storage media.

About DSE Tiered Storage

Documentation about the features that automate the smart movement of data across different types of storage media.

Configuring DSE Tiered Storage

Documentation on configuring DSE Tiered Storage to automate the smart movement of data between storage media.

Testing DSE Tiered Storage configurations

Conduct local configuration testing of DSE Tiered Storage before deploying to the cluster.

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