Changing Tomcat web server settings

To configure security for DSE Search, change the IP address for client connections to DSE Search using the HTTP and Solr Admin interfaces in the Tomcat web server.xml file.


Make configuration changes in the Tomcat server.xml file:

  1. Change the IP address for client connections to DSE Search.

    The default IP address that the HTTP and Solr Admin interface uses to access DSE Search is defined with native_transport_address in the cassandra.yaml file.

    • The default native_transport_address value localhost enables Tomcat to only listen on the localhos.

    • To enable Tomcat to listen on all configured interfaces, set native_transport_address to To change the IP address for client connections to DSE Search using the HTTP and Solr Admin interfaces, change the client connection in the following ways native_transport_address in the cassandra.yaml file or create a Tomcat connector.

    • Create a Tomcat connector:

      In the <Service name="Solr"> section of the server.xml file:

    • Change the native_transport_address

      Change native_transport_addressin the cassandra.yaml file. The native_transport_address is read on startup only.

  2. For advanced users only: In the Tomcat server.xml file, specify a client connection port other than the default port 8983. However, when specifying a non-default connection port, the automatic SSL connection configuration performed by DataStax Enterprise is not done. You must provide the valid connector configuration, including keystore path and password. See the DataStax Support article Configuring the DSE Solr HTTP/HTTPS port.

  3. After making changes, restart the node.

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