NodeSync system parameters


Set the frequency to execute NodeSync auto-tuning process in seconds.

Default: 300 (5 minutes).


Disable NodeSync service on all new tables. Without this setting, all new tables have incremental NodeSync service enabled by default.

Default: false


Set the frequency of short INFO progress report in seconds.

Default: 600 (10 minutes).


Set to the minimum number of seconds between validations of the same segment, mostly to avoid busy spinning on new/empty clusters.

Default: 300 (5 minutes).


Set to the minimum number of seconds between logging warnings.

Avoid logging warnings too often.

Default: 36000 (10 hours).


Set the frequency in seconds of comparing the current configured rate to tables and their deadline. Log a warning if rate considered too low.

Default: 1800 (30 minutes).


Set the Time-to-live (TTL) on locks inserted in the status table in seconds.

Default: 600 (10 minutes).


Set to the targeted maximum size for segments in bytes.

Default: 26214400 (200 MB).


Set the frequency to check if the depth used for a table should be updated due to data size changes in seconds.

Default: 7200 (2 hours).

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