Inserting data into tables with static columns using Spark SQL

Static columns are mapped to different columns in Spark SQL and require special handling. Spark SQL Thrift servers use Hive. When you when run an insert query, you must pass data to those columns.

To work around the different columns, set cql3.output.query in the insertion Hive table properties to limit the columns that are being inserted. In Spark SQL, alter the external table to configure the prepared statement as the value of the Hive CQL output query. For example, this prepared statement takes values that are inserted into columns a and b in mytable and maps these values to columns b and a, respectively, for insertion into the new row.

spark-sql> ALTER TABLE mytable SET TBLPROPERTIES ('cql3.output.query' = 'update
      mykeyspace.mytable set b = ? where a = ?');
spark-sql> ALTER TABLE mytable SET SERDEPROPERTIES ('cql3.update.columns' =

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