About DSE Advanced Replication

DSE Advanced Replication supports configurable distributed data replication from source clusters to destination clusters. It is designed to tolerate sporadic connectivity that can occur in constrained environments, such as retail, oil-and-gas remote sites, and cruise ships.

To learn about replication, see Data distribution overview.



Smartly replicates data from source clusters to destination clusters

Supports replicating data in a spoke and hub configuration from remote locations to central data hubs and repositories. Enterprise customers with remote clusters are able to establish a cluster presence in each location. In addition, mesh configuration can replicate data from any source cluster to another destination cluster within reasonable limits.

Prioritizes data streams

Allows higher priority data streams to be sent from the source cluster to a destination cluster ahead of lower priority data streams.

Supports ingestion and querying of data at every source

DSE Advanced Replication enables ingesting and querying data at any source and sent to any destination that collects and analyzes data from all of the sites.

Solves problem of periodic downtime

Useful for energy (oil and gas), transportation, telecommunications, retail (point-of-sale systems), and other vertical markets that might experience periods of network or internet downtime at the remote locations.

Satisfies data sovereignty regulations

Provides configurable streams of selected outbound data, while preventing data changes to inbound data.

Satisfies data locality regulations

Prevents data from leaving the current geography.

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