Configuring JMX on the Server Side

Complete the following procedure to configure JMX on the server side when enabling secure client-to-node connections using SSL.


There are three files that control Java Virtual Machine (JVM) options:

  • jvm-server.options: options independent of any particular JVM

  • jvm8-server.options: options particular to JVM 8

  • jvm11-server.options: options particular to JVM 11

The location of the jvm [8 | 11] -server.options file depends on the type of installation:

Package installations

/etc/dse/cassandra/jvm [8 | 11] -server.options

Tarball installations

<installation_location>/resources/cassandra/conf/jvm [8 | 11] -server.options


  1. If the $LOCAL_JMX setting is present, change it to no.

    "$LOCAL_JMX" = "no"
  2. Enable JMX authentication by setting to true:

  3. Locate the file. The location of this file depends on the type of installation:

    • Package installations: /etc/dse/cassandra/

    • Tarball installations: <installation_location>/resources/cassandra/conf/

  4. Uncomment the following settings in the file. You must specify the path to appropriate keystore and truststore, including passwords for each.

    You can also use the jvm-server.options file as described in Setting system properties during startup.


    Set to true to enable SSL for JMX.

    Set to true to enable two-way certificate authentication.

    Set to true to create an RMI registry protected by SSL, and configure a management agent when the JVM starts.

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