cassandra-stress tool

A list of the available commands for the cassandra-stress tool.

About the cassandra-stress tool

A Java-based stress testing utility for basic benchmarking and load testing a DataStax Enterprise cluster.

Interpret cassandra-stress output

About the output from the cassandra-stress running tests.

cassandra-stress counter_read

Multiple concurrent reads of counters. The cluster must first be populated by a counter_write test.

cassandra-stress counter_write

Multiple concurrent updates of counters.

cassandra-stress help

Returns a synopsis and brief description for each cassandra-stress command.

cassandra-stress legacy

Legacy support mode.

cassandra-stress mixed

Interleave basic commands with configurable ratio and distribution. The cluster must first be populated by a write test.

cassandra-stress print

Inspect the output of a distribution definition.

cassandra-stress read

Multiple concurrent reads. The cluster must first be populated by a write test.

cassandra-stress user

Interleave user provided queries with configurable ratio and distribution.

cassandra-stress version

Print the cassandra-stress version.

cassandra-stress write

Multiple concurrent writes against the cluster.

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