Monitoring Solr segments

To monitor Solr segments, use the Segments Info screen in the Solr Administration User Interface application. You can also use this API endpoint and specify the Solr collection path name:

solr/<Solr collection path name>/admin/segments

The following example obtains the segment information for the Solr GeoNames collection. The example specifies the IP address and port, and specifies that the output is to be returned in JSON format and indented.

The following output shows the segment information, which is truncated for brevity:


The following table describes the segment properties in the previous output:

Property Description


Segment name


Number of documents deleted from the segment


Segment size in bytes


Number of documents in the segment


Segment size in megabytes


Delete ratio, which is based on the ratio for the segment delete count and number of documents in the segment


Date and time that the segment was created


Segment source; flush sends the recent index changes to stable storage

For more information, see the Apache Solr online reference guide located at

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