Manage NodeSync service using nodetool subcommands

Use the following subcommands to manage the NodeSync service on the connected node.

The NodeSync service automatically starts when a DataStax Enterprise node is started.

The service runs continuous repair for tables that have nodesync set to true. By default, the table option is set to false (disabled). Use CQL ALTER TABLE to change the NodeSync setting on a specific table or dse nodesync to change the setting on multiple tables.

nodetool nodesyncservice enable

Starts up the NodeSync service on the connected host.

nodetool nodesyncservice disable

Shuts down the NodeSync service.

nodetool nodesyncservice getrate

Returns the configured synchronization rate-limit of the connected node.

nodetool nodesyncservice ratesimulator

Simulates rates necessary to achieve the NodeSync deadline.

nodetool nodesyncservice setrate

Temporarily sets the maximum data validation rate.

nodetool nodesyncservice status

Returns the status of the NodeSync on the connected node.

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