Changing logging locations

Logging locations are set at installation. Generally, the default logs location is /var/log. For example, /var/log/cassandra and /var/log/tomcat.

You can also change logging locations with OpsCenter Configuration Profiles.


  1. To change logging locations after installation:

    • To generate all logs in the same location, add CASSANDRA_LOG_DIR to the file:

      export CASSANDRA_LOG_DIR="/your/log/location"
    • For finer-grained control, edit the logback.xml file and replace ${cassandra.logdir} with the path.

  2. To change the Tomcat server log locations for DSE Search, edit one of these files:

    • Set TOMCAT_LOGS in the file:

      export TOMCAT_LOGS="/your/log/location"
    • Set the locations in resources/tomcat/conf/

  3. After you change logging locations, restart DataStax Enterprise.

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