Starting and stopping DataStax Enterprise

You can start and stop DataStax Enterprise as a service or stand-alone process.

After you install and configure DataStax Enterprise on one or more nodes, start your cluster beginning with the seed nodes. In a mixed-workload DataStax Enterprise cluster, you must start the analytics seed node first.

Packaged installations include start-up and stop scripts for running DataStax Enterprise as a service. Binary tarballs do not.

OpsCenter provides a options in the Nodes UI for starting, stopping, and restarting DSE on a node. See Starting DSE on a node, Stopping DSE on a node, and Restarting DSE on a node.

Starting as a service

Steps for starting the DataStax Enterprise service when DataStax Enterprise was installed from a RHEL or Debian package.

Starting DataStax Enterprise as a stand-alone process

Steps for starting the DataStax Enterprise process when DataStax Enterprise was installed from a tarball.

Stopping a DataStax Enterprise node

Stopping DataStax Enterprise on a node.

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