Uploading the search index schema and config

After generating or changing the search index schema and configuration, use dsetool to upload to a DSE Search node to create a search index. You can also post additional resource files.

You can configure the maximum resource file size or disable resource upload with the DSE Search resource upload limit option in dse.yaml.

Using custom resources is not supported by the CQL CREATE SEARCH INDEX command.

Index resources are stored internally in the database, not in the file system. The schema and configuration resources are persisted in the solr_admin.solr_resources database table.


  1. Write the schema:

    dsetool write_resource keyspace.table name=schema.xml file=schemaFile.xml
  2. Post the configuration file:

    dsetool write_resource keyspace.table name=solrconfig.xml file=solrconfigFile.xml
  3. Post any other resources that you might need.

    dsetool write_resource keyspace.table name=ResourceFile.xml file=schemaFile.xml

    You can specify a path for the resource file:

    dsetool write_resource keyspace.table name=ResourceFile.xml file=myPath1/myPath2/schemaFile.xml
  4. To verify the resources after they are posted:

    For example:

    dsetool read_resource keyspace.table name=ResourceFile.xml file=myPath1/myPath2/schemaFile.xml

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