Manage Spark with dse commands

Use these commands to manage Spark on your DSE cluster.

dse exec

Sets the environment variables required to run third-party tools that integrate with Spark.

dse pyspark

Starts the Spark Python shell.

dse spark

Starts the Spark shell.

dse spark-class

Launches Spark application contained within a class on a cluster.

dse spark-jobserver

Starts and stops the Spark Jobserver

dse spark-history-server

Starts and stops the Spark history server.

dse spark-sql

Starts the Spark SQL shell in DSE to interactively perform Spark SQL queries.

dse spark-sql-thriftserver

Starts and stops the Spark SQL Thriftserver.

dse spark-submit

Launches applications on a cluster to enable use of Spark cluster managers through a uniform interface.

dse SparkR

Starts the R shell configured with DSE Spark.

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