Apache Solr and Apache Lucene limitations

Apache Solr™ and Apache Lucene® limitations

This topic lists the Apache Solr and Apache Lucene limitations that apply to DSE Search.

  • The 2.1 billion records limitation, per index on each node, as described in Lucene limitations.

  • The 1024 maxBoolean clause limit in SOLR-4586.

  • Solr field name policy applies to the indexed field names:

    • Every field must have a name.

    • Field names must consist of alphanumeric or underscore characters only.

    • Fields cannot start with a digit.

    • Names with both leading and trailing underscores (for example, version) are reserved.

      Non-compliant field names are not supported from all components. Backward compatibility is not guaranteed.

  • Limitations and known Apache Solr issues apply to DSE Search queries. For example: incorrect SORT results for tokenized text fields.

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