Starting Spark SQL Thrift Server with Kerberos

Spark SQL Thrift Server is a long running service and must be configured to start with a keytab file if Kerberos is enabled. The user principal must be added to DSE, and Spark SQL Thrift Server restarted with the generated BYOS configuration file and byos-version.jar.


These instructions are for the Spark SQL Thrift Server included in HortonWorks 2.4. The Hadoop Spark SQL Thrift Server principal is hive/_HOST@REALM.


  1. Create the principal on the DSE node using cqlsh.

    create user hive/spark_sql_thrift_server_host@REALM;
  2. Login as the hive user on the Spark SQL Thrift Server host.

  3. Create a ~/.java.login.config file with a JAAS Kerberos configuration.

  4. Merge the existing Spark SQL Thrift Server configuration properties with the generated BYOS configuration file into a new file.

    cat /usr/hdp/current/spark-thriftserver/conf/spark-thrift-sparkconf.conf > custom-sparkconf.conf
  5. Start Spark SQL Thrift Server with the custom configuration file and byos-version.jar.

    /usr/hdp/ --jars byos-version.jar --properties-file custom-sparkconf.conf
  6. Connect using the Beeline client.

    beeline -u 'jdbc:hive2://hostname:port/default;principal=hive/_HOST@REALM'

What’s next

Generated SQL schema files can be passed to beeline with the -f option to generate a mapping for DSE tables so both Hadoop and DataStax Enterprise tables will be available through the service for queries.

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