About Database Objects Permissions

DataStax Enterprise supports Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to ensure that only authorized users can access database resources.

After creating a role, use the following CQL commands to manage permissions:

  • GRANT allows access

  • REVOKE removes access that has been granted

  • RESTRICT explicitly denies access even if permission is granted directly or inherited

  • UNRESTRICT removes a restriction

RESTRICT always take precedence over GRANT, including access that is inherited or automatically granted to a superuser role. Only superusers can restrict access.

Resource permissions

The following sections shows the relationship between privileges and resources, and describes the resulting permissions. The DataStax Enterprise database Role-Based Access Control uses modelled hierarchy. Granting a privilege to a top-level object gives the role the same permission to all of the ancestors objects.

Permissions differ between object types.

Data resources

Syntax for authorizing access to keyspaces, tables, rows, and types.

Functions and aggregate resources

Syntax for authorizing access to user-defined function and aggregate.

Search indexes

Syntax for authorizing access to search indexes.


Syntax for authorizing role management.

Proxy login and execute

Syntax for authorizing proxy logins and executes.

Authentication scheme resources

Syntax for authorizing roles for an authentication scheme.

JMX resources (MBeans) for DSE utilities

Syntax for authorizing access to MBeans from DSE utilities and third-party tools.

Analytic applications

Syntax for authorizing Spark applications.

Remote procedure calls

Syntax for authorizing remote procedure calls.

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