Installing the CQLSH standalone tool

Install the CQLSH standalone tool using a binary tarball on any Linux-based platform to use CQLSH remotely on a DataStax database cluster.

This command line shell remotely connects to a DataStax database cluster. The tool is not required to run locally on a cluster node.


The cqlsh Python script that starts CQLSH requires Python 2.7+ or Python 3.6+. Both are supported for cqlsh.


DataStax CQLSH License Terms. By downloading this DataStax product, you agree to the terms of the EULA.

  1. On the DataStax Download page, click Tools > CQLSH.

  2. If you agree with the license terms, select the CQLSH Terms checkbox, choose a compatible version, and click Tarball to download the tool.

  3. Unpack the distribution:

    tar -xzvf cqlsh-6.8.tar.gz

    The files are downloaded and extracted into the current directory.

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