Get information with dsetool commands

Use these dsetool commands to get information about your nodes.

dsetool help

Provides a listing of dsetool commands and parameters.

dsetool inmemorystatus

Provides the memory size, capacity, and percentage for this node and the amount of memory each table is using.

dsetool list_subranges

Lists the subranges of data in a keyspace to describe a token range by a number of smaller subranges.

dsetool node_health

Retrieves a dynamic score between 0 and 1 that describes the health of a DataStax Enterprise node.

dsetool partitioner

Returns the fully qualified classname of the IPartitioner that is in use by the cluster.

dsetool ring

Lists the nodes in the ring.

dsetool status

Lists the nodes in their ring, including the node type and node health.

dsetool tieredtablestats

Outputs tiered storage information, including SSTables, tiers, timestamps, and sizes. Provides information on every table that uses tiered storage.

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