Setting system properties during startup

Use the system property (-D) switch to modify the DataStax Enterprise (DSE) settings during start up. To automatically pass the settings each time DSE starts, uncomment or add the switch to the jvm-server.options file.

Depending upon the JVM you are using, switches may be located in either jvm8-server.options or jvm11-server.options.

Metrics collection is enabled by default. To disable metrics collection, set -Dinsights.default_mode to disabled.


Change the start up parameters using the following syntax:

  • Command line:

    dse cassandra -D<parameter_name>=<value>
  • jvm-server.options, jvm8-server.options, or jvm11-server.options file:

  • file:

    JVM_OPTS="$JVM_OPTS -D<parameter_name>=<value>"

Only pass the parameter to the start-up operation once. If the same switch is passed to the start operation multiple times, for example from both the jvm-server.options file and on the command line, DSE may fail to start or may use the wrong parameter.

Startup examples

Starting a node without joining the ring:

  • Command line:

    dse cassandra -Dcassandra.join_ring=false
  • jvm.options:


Replacing a dead node:

  • Command line:

    dse cassandra -Dcassandra.replace_address=
  • jvm.options:


Disabling DSE metrics collection:

  • Command line:

    // adoc partial file for content from ToolsWH.dita
    // <section conkeyref="ToolsWH/cstressDefinition"/>
    dse cassandra -Dinsights.default_mode=disabled
  • jvm-server.options:


Changing LDAP authentication retry interval from its default of 10 ms:

  • Command line:

  • jvm.options:

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