Ensure data consistency using nodetool commands

Use these nodetool commands to ensure data consistency and manage table repairs.

nodetool abortrebuild

Stops a running rebuild operation. Completes processing of active streams.

nodetool cleanup

Immediately cleans up keyspaces and tables that no longer belong to a node.

nodetool flush

Flushes one or more tables from the memtable to SSTables on disk.

nodetool mark_unrepaired

Marks all SSTables of a table or keyspace as unrepaired.

nodetool rebuild

Rebuilds data by streaming from other nodes.

nodetool rebuild_index

Fully rebuilds native secondary indexes for a specified table.

nodetool rebuild_view

Rebuilds specified materialized views for the specified table.

nodetool resetlocalschema

Drops the schema information of the local node and resynchronizes the schema from another node.

nodetool repair

Repairs one or more tables in a cluster when all involved replicas are up and accessible.

nodetool scrub

Creates a snapshot and then rebuilds SSTables for one or more tables.

nodetool verify

Checks the data checksum for one or more tables.

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