Get information with nodetool commands

nodetool clientstats

Return details about connected clients.

nodetool describecluster

Returns the name, snitch, partitioner, and schema version of a cluster.

nodetool describering

Returns the token ranges.

nodetool getbatchlogreplaythrottle

Returns batchlog replay throttle in KBs.

nodetool getcachecapacity

Returns the global key, row, and counter cache capacities in megabytes.

nodetool getcachekeystosave

Returns the global number of keys saved by counter cache, key cache, and row cache.

nodetool getconcurrentviewbuilders

Returns the number of concurrent materialized view builders.

nodetool getendpoints

Returns the endpoints that own the partition key.

nodetool getinterdcstreamthroughput

Returns the outbound throttle (throughput cap) for all streaming file transfers between datacenters.

nodetool getlogginglevels

Returns the runtime logging levels.

nodetool getseeds

Returns the IP list of the current seed node.

nodetool getsstables

Returns the SSTable that owns the partition key.

nodetool getstreamthroughput

Gets the throughput throttle for streaming file transfers.

nodetool gettimeout

Returns the current timeout values in milliseconds.

nodetool gettraceprobability

Returns the current trace probability value.

nodetool help

Returns nodetool command help.

inodetool info

Returns node information, such as load and uptime.

nodetool inmemorystatus

Returns a list of the in-memory tables and the amount of memory each table is using.

nodetool rangekeysample

Returns the sampled keys held across all keyspaces.

nodetool ring

Returns node status and information about the ring as determined by the node being queried.

nodetool status

Returns information about the cluster.

nodetool version

Returns the Cassandra and DSE database version.

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