Creating Kerberos Principals

Add service principals for each node in the DataStax Enterprise cluster.


Use kadmin to perform the following steps:

  1. Launch Kerberos admin shell with an administrator account that has add privileges.

    kadmin -p <user_name>/admin
  2. For each node add two principals:

    • Add a service principal for the database using a random key value:

      addprinc -randkey <service_name>/<FQDN>


      • <service_name> - Name for the DataStax Enterprise database principal, such as dse.

      • <FQDN> - Fully Qualified Domain Name of the host.

    • Add a service principal for HTTP using a random key value:

      addprinc -randkey HTTP/<FQDN>

      where <FQDN> - Fully Qualified Domain Name of the host.

  3. Verify that the principals have been added by running the listprincs command within kadmin:

    kadmin: listprincs

    where node<*> is the FQDN and EXAMPLE.COM is your Kerberos realm, which must be all uppercase.

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