DSE Advanced Replication

DSE Advanced Replication supports configurable distributed data replication from source clusters to destination clusters. It is designed to tolerate sporadic connectivity that can occur in constrained environments, such as retail, oil-and-gas remote sites, and cruise ships.

To learn about replication, see Data distribution overview.

About DSE Advanced Replication

Configurable distributed data replication from source clusters to destination clusters.

DSE Advanced Replication architecture

DSE Advanced Replication enables configurable replication between clusters, identifying source and destination clusters with replication channels. Topologies such as hub-and-spoke or mesh networks can differentially push or pull data depending on operational needs.

Traffic between the clusters

Traffic between the source cluster and the destination cluster is managed with permits, priority, and configurable behavior for multi-datacenter operation.

DSE Advanced Replication terminology

Terminology that is specific to DSE Advanced Replication that supports distributed data replication from a DataStax Enterprise source cluster to a destination cluster.

Getting started with DSE Advanced Replication

Getting started steps to set up source and destination DataStax Enterprise clusters to test DSE Advanced Replication.

DSE Advanced Replication keyspace overview

Information about DSE Advanced Replication keyspaces and tables.

DSE Advanced Replication data types

Information about DSE Advanced Replication data types.

Using DSE Advanced Replication

Operations including starting, stopping, and configuring DSE Advanced Replication.

CQL queries in DSE Advanced Replication

Supported CQL queries and best practices guidelines for running queries on source and destination clusters in DSE Advanced Replication.

DSE Advanced Replication metrics

DSE Advanced Replication metrics on the source nodes refer to the current status of that node in the source cluster.

Managing invalid messages

DSE Advanced Replication strategies for managing invalid messages when replication fails.

Managing audit logs

Use metadata configuration to manage the DSE Advanced Replication replication load audit logs.

Using DSE Advanced Replication commands

A list of commands for DSE Advanced Replication.

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