Unsupported features for DSE Search

Unsupported features include Apache Cassandra and Apache Solr features.

Unsupported Apache Cassandra features

These limitations apply to DSE Search:

  • Column aliases are not supported in solr_query queries.

  • Continuous paging.

  • Static columns

  • Counter columns

  • Super columns

  • Thrift-compatible tables with column comparators other than UTF-8 or ASCII.

  • PER PARTITION clause is not supported for DSE Search solr_query queries.

  • Indexing frozen maps is not supported. However, indexing frozen sets and lists of native and user-defined (tuple/UDT) element types is supported.

  • Using DSE Search with newly created COMPACT STORAGE tables is deprecated.

Unsupported Apache Solr™ features

These limitations apply to DSE Search:

  • DSE Search does not support Solr Managed Resources.

  • Solr schema fields that are both dynamic and multiValued only for CQL-based search indexes.

  • The deprecated replaceFields request parameters on document updates for CQL-based search indexes. Instead, use the suggested procedure for inserting/updating data.

  • Block joins based on the Lucene BlockJoinQuery in search indexes and CQL tables.

  • Schemaless mode.

  • Partial schema updates through the REST API after search indexes are changed.

    For example, to update individual fields of a schema using the REST API to add a new field to a schema, you must change the schema.xml file, upload it again, and reload the core (same for copy fields).

  • org.apache.solr.spelling.IndexBasedSpellChecker and org.apache.solr.spelling.FileBasedSpellChecker

    Instead use org.apache.solr.spelling.DirectSolrSpellChecker for spell checking.

  • The commitWithin parameter.

  • The SolrCloud CloudSolrServer feature of SolrJ for endpoint discovery and round-robin load balancing.

  • The DSE Search configurable SolrFilterCache does not support auto-warming.

  • DSE Search does not support the duration Cassandra data type.

  • SELECT statements with DISTINCT are not supported with solr_query.

  • RealTime Get.

  • GetReplicationHandler: Store & Restore.

  • useDocValuesAsStored in schema fields and as a query request parameter.

  • Solr Graph queries.

  • Solr SQLStreaming aggregations.

  • Data import handler.

  • Tuple/UDT subfield sorting and faceting.

  • The dataDir parameter in solrconfig.xml.

Deprecated Solr and Lucene features

  • The Tika functionality that is bundled with Apache Solr is deprecated. Instead, use the stand-alone Apache Tika project.

  • Highlighting.

  • MoreLikeThis search component.

  • SpellCheck search component.

  • Suggester (suggest search component).

  • ClassicSimilarityFactory class.

Other deprecated features

The following features that were previously available for use with DSE Search are deprecated and no longer supported.

  • The DSE custom URP implementation is deprecated. Use the field input/output (FIT) transformer API instead.

Other unsupported features

  • HTTP delete-by-query, HTTP delete-by-id, and other Solr HTTP updates.

  • JBOD mode.

  • The Solr updatelog is not supported in DSE Search.

    The commit log replaces the Solr updatelog. Consequently, features that require the updateLog are not supported. Instead of using atomic updates, partial document updates are available by running the update with CQL.

  • CQL Solr queries do not support native functions or column aliases as selectors.

  • RamDirectoryFactory or other non-persistent DirectoryFactory implementations.

  • Tuple and UDT limitations apply.

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