DSE Search

DSE Search allows you to quickly find data and provide a modern search experience for your users, helping you create features like product catalogs, document repositories, ad-hoc reporting engines, and more.

Because DataStax Enterprise is a cohesive data management platform so other workloads such as DSE Graph, DSE Analytics and Search integration, and DSE Analytics can take full advantage of the indexing and query capabilities of DSE Search.

About DSE Search

DSE Search simplifies using search applications for data stored in a database.

Configuring DSE Search

DSE Search logging, search index configuration, reference information and so on.

Tutorials and demos

Step-by-step tutorials with sample keyspaces, tables, and data that demonstrate DSE Search index functionality.

DSE Search performance tuning and monitoring

Tune DSE Search in the event of performance degradation, high memory consumption, or other problems.

DSE Search operations

You can run DSE Search on one or more nodes. Typical operations including configuration of nodes, policies, query routing, balancing loads, and communications.

Solr interfaces
HTTP API SolrJ and other Solr clients

Apache Solr clients work with DataStax Enterprise. DataStax has extended SolrJ to protect internal Solr communication and HTTP access using SSL.

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