Configuring DSE Search

DSE Search reference

Reference information for DSE Search.

Viewing search index schema and config

How to view search index schema and config resources.

Customizing the search index schema

Customizing the search schema that defines the relationship between data in a table and a search index.

Changing auto-generated search index settings

Customize the default settings for auto-generated search indexes using dsetool.

Using LowerCaseStrField with search indexes

Converts data into lowercase and correctly stores it in docValues.

Set the location of search indexes

Steps to set the location of the search index data on the server.

DSE Search logging

Information about DSE Search logging.

Enabling multi-threaded queries

Steps to enable multi-threading if excessive writes exist.

Configuring additional search components

You can add search components and a handler for the search components. For example, add spell check.

Load balancing for distributed search queries

Load balancing for distributed search queries.

Excluding hosts from distributed queries

You can exclude hosts from distributed queries.

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