Authenticating using DSE Utilities

Provide credentials for internal or LDAP pass-through authentication when using DataStax Enterprise (DSE) and native utilities to connect to an authentication-enabled cluster.

The following utilities do not require credentials, even when both database and Java Management Extensions (JMX) authentication are enabled:

When authorization is also enabled, use the GRANT command to manage access to database objects. See Manage access.

Providing credentials on command line

Use switches to provide a username and password from the command line.

Providing credentials in a file

Create a file that contains credentials.

Providing credentials using environment variable

For dse client-tool, dse advrep, and Spark commands, provide credentials using environment variables.

Providing credentials for CQLSH

To start a CQL shell (cqlsh) session with a node that has DataStax Enterprise authentication enabled, provide credentials using cli options or specifying in the cqlshrc file.

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