Solr interfaces

Changing the Solr connector port

How to change the Solr port from the default port 8983.

Allowing access from the Solr Admin UI for core indexing (deprecated)

An alternative (dsetool) for core indexing options because access from the Solr Admin UI has been deprecated.

Changing Tomcat web server settings

Steps to change the IP address for client connections to DSE Search.

Configuring the Solr library path

Workaround for DSE Search failure to find files in directories that are defined by the <lib> property.

Changing the HTTP interface to Apache JServe Protocol

How to enable the AJP connector for DSE search to use the AJP (Apache JServe Protocol).

Field transformer (FIT)

Steps to use the field input/output transformer API as an option to the input/output transformer support in Solr.

Deleting by query

Delete data based on search criteria, and delete by query best practices.

MMonitoring Solr segments

Monitor Solr segments.

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