Assigning Permissions

Add roles and then grant permission to access database objects.

About database objects permissions

Overview of the database resource hierarchy and the permissions.

Implementing separation of duties

Use the separation of duties functionality to configure administrator roles for permission management without the ability to execute other CQL commands.

Controlling access to keyspaces and tables

Provides examples about how to manage access to keyspaces and tables.

Setting up Row-Level Access Control (RLAC)

Set up row-level access control on a table and grant permissions on rows to users.

Controlling access to search indexes

Assign access privileges to roles for search index management.

Controlling access to DataStax Graph keyspaces

Manage permission to access DataStax Graph data.

Setting up DSE Spark application permissions

Authorize Spark application submissions, management, and use.

Controlling access to DataStax Studio

Assign access privileges to roles for DataStax Studio use.

Authorizing remote procedure calls (RPC)

Allow users to execute commands on DSE and third-party tools that make calls to Java methods and objects.

Authorizing dse client-tool spark and dse spark

Authorization required to run dse client-tool spark or dse spark.

Controlling access to JMX MBeans

Set up access to MBeans for authenticated Java Management Extensions (JMX) users.

Denying permission

Deny permission on a resource, even if the privilege has been directly granted or inherited.

Restricting access to data

Deny permission on a resource, even if the privilege has been directly granted or inherited.

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