Configuring compression

You configure a table property and subproperties to manage compression. CQL table properties describes the available options for compression. Compression is enabled by default.


  • Disable compression, using CQL to set the compression parameter enabled to false.

    CREATE TABLE DogTypes (
                  block_id uuid,
                  species text,
                  alias text,
                  population varint,
                  PRIMARY KEY (block_id)
                WITH compression = { 'enabled' : false };
  • Enable compression on an existing table, using ALTER TABLE to set the compression algorithm class to LZ4Compressor, SnappyCompressor, or DeflateCompressor.

    ALTER TABLE DogTypes
       WITH compression = { 'class' : 'LZ4Compressor' };
  • Change compression on an existing table, using ALTER TABLE and setting the compression algorithm class to DeflateCompressor.

    ALTER TABLE CatTypes
      WITH compression = { 'class' : 'DeflateCompressor', 'chunk_length_in_kb' : 64 }

    Tune data compression on a per-table basis using CQL to alter a table.

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