Perform operations with nodetool commands

Use these nodetool commands for operations.

nodetool assassinate

Forcefully removes a dead node without re-replicating any data. Use as a last resort when you cannot successfully use nodetool removenode.

nodetool bootstrap resume

Resumes the bootstrap process on one or more nodes.

nodetool decommission

Causes a live node to decommission itself, streaming its data to the next node on the ring to replicate appropriately.

nodetool disablebinary

Disables the native transport.

nodetool disablegossip

Disables the gossip protocol.

nodetool drain

Drains the node.

nodetool enablebinary

Re-enables the native transport that defines the format of the binary messages.

nodetool enablegossip

Re-enables gossip.

nodetool gossipinfo

Returns the gossip information to discover broadcast protocol between nodes in a cluster.

nodetool invalidatecountercache

Resets global counter cache parameter to save all keys from the counter cache.

nodetool invalidatekeycache

Clears the key cache.

nodetool invalidaterowcache

Invalidates the row cache.

nodetool import

Import new SSTables.

nodetool join

Joins the node to the ring.

nodetool move

Moves the node on the token ring to a new token.

nodetool refresh

Loads newly placed SSTables onto the system without a restart.

nodetool reloadtriggers

Deprecated. Reloads trigger classes.

nodetool relocatesstables

Rewrites any SSTable to correct disk.

nodetool removenode

Returns the status of current node removal. Forces completion of pending removal or removes identified node.

nodetool replaybatchlog

Forces batchlog to replay and blocks until batches have been replayed.

nodetool sequence

Sequentially run multiple nodetool commands from a file, resource, or standard input (StdIn) sequentially.

nodetool sjk

Runs Swiss Java Knife (SJK) commands to execute, troubleshoot, and monitor the database.

nodetool statusbinary

Returns the status of native transport that defines the format of the binary message.

nodetool statusgossip

Returns status of gossip.

nodetool stopdaemon

Stops DataStax Enterprise daemon.

nodetool upgradesstables

Rewrites SSTables for tables that are not running the current version of DataStax Enterprise.

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