DataStax Enterprise tools

DataStax Enterprise Metrics Collector

DSE Metrics Collector aggregates DSE metrics and integrates with centralized monitoring solutions to facilitate problem resolution and remediation.


Available commands for monitoring a cluster and performing routine database operations.

dse commands

The dse commands for starting the database and connecting an external client to a DataStax Enterprise node and performing common utility tasks.

dsefs shell commands

The DSEFS functionality supports operations including uploading, downloading, moving, and deleting files, creating directories, and verifying the DSEFS status.


A list of the available commands for DSE operations.

DataStax Enterprise stress tools

Tools for stress testing DataStax Enterprise.

SSTable tools

Available diagnostic tools for analyzing, using, upgrading, and changing DataStax Enterprise SSTables.

Preflight check tool

The preflight check tool is a collection of tests that detects and optionally fixes configuration settings on DataStax Enterprise nodes.

Compare yaml files

cluster_check and yaml_diff compare the differences between cassandra.yaml or dse.yaml files.

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