Limit the operation of the traversal to a single element within the traversal.




The local() step is a branch step that allows the action within the step to be applied to the element within the local() step.


Get a list of all people and the countries they have lived in, ordered by the year that the person started living in the country:

   local(properties('country').order().by('startYear', incr).limit(2)).value().as('country').

Here, local() is used to restrict the sorting by the meta-property startYear for each person.

g.V().has('person','personId','1').local(outE('created').has('createDate', gte('1962-03-03')).order().by('createDate'))
// explain
//g.V().hasLabel('person').outE('reviewed').has('stars', gte(1)).order().by('stars').profile()
// Sorts the reviews by stars for each user - uses the edge index
//g.V().hasLabel('person').local(outE('reviewed').has('stars', gte(1)).order().by('stars')).profile()
// Sorts the users by name, and then their reviews by stars
//g.V().hasLabel('person').order().by('name').local(outE('reviewed').has('stars', gte(1)).order().by('stars')).profile()

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