The cluster_check compares the differences between specified or cluster-wide cassandra.yaml or dse.yaml files.

For ease of use, configure password-less SSH access from the current node to all other nodes.

The default location of the yaml comparison tool depends on the type of installation:

  • Package installations: /usr/share/dse/tools/yamls

  • Tarball installations: <install_location>/tools/yamls

Before comparing the yaml files, install PyYAML:

sudo pip install pyyaml


./cluster_check /path/to/cassandra.yaml [ /path/to/nodelist ]

The nodelist parameter is optional because the script checks for the list of IP addresses contained in nodetool status. The nodelist is a plain text file listing of IP address with one address per line.

Example nodelist file:


To check cassandra.yaml with a minor difference for all nodes in the cluster:

./cluster_check /etc/dse/cassandra/cassandra.yaml


To check dse.yaml with a minor difference for all nodes in the cluster:

./cluster_check /etc/dse/dse.yaml
max_memory_to_lock_mb 10240 None None

If there are no differences between the dse.yaml files, cluster_check will erroneously report "listen address should be unique," which is an option in cassandra.yaml.

To check dse.yaml with minor differences for nodes listed in a nodelist text file:

./cluster_check /etc/dse/dse.yaml ~/node-list
max_memory_to_lock_mb 10240 None

 ttl_index_rebuild_options {'initial_delay': 52, 'max_docs_per_batch': 4096, 'fixed_rate_period': 350, 'thread_pool_size': 1} {'initial_delay': 20, 'max_docs_per_batch': 4096, 'fixed_rate_period': 300, 'thread_pool_size': 1}

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