Installing DataStax Studio 6.9

You can install DataStax Studio in a Docker container. DataStax maintains Studio images for Docker. For information on downloading and using the Studio image, see the DataStax Docker docs.

Notebooks created in earlier versions of DataStax Studio can be used with new Studio versions:

  • When the new version of Studio starts, all notebooks created in an earlier version are automatically upgraded.

  • Notebooks are not impacted, lost, or corrupted with the upgrade.

  • After the notebooks are upgraded, they are no longer compatible with the earlier version.

For upgrade information, see Upgrading DataStax Studio.


To install and run Studio:

Install DataStax Studio 6.9

End User License Agreement (EULA). By downloading this DataStax product, you agree to the terms of the EULA.

  1. If an earlier version of DataStax Studio is installed, back up the user data directory before you install the new version:

  2. Download the Studio tarball from the DataStax Download page.

  3. Unpack Studio using the appropriate method for the file type:

    • Linux:

      tar zvxf datastax-studio-6.9.0.tar.gz

      The files are downloaded and extracted into the current directory.

    • Windows:

      1. From File Explorer, right-click user_home_directory\

      2. Enter the destination folder for Studio.

      3. Click Extract.

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