Manage search index with dsetool commands

Use these dsetool commands to manage the search index.

Search CQL commands are distributed to the entire datacenter. The dsetool commands for DSE Search distribute search index changes to the data center by default, and are node-specific only when the distributed flag is set to false.

dsetool core_indexing_status

Retrieves the dynamic indexing status of a search index on a DSE Search node.

dsetool create_core

Creates the search index table on the local node.

dsetool get_core_config

Displays the XML for the specified search index config.

dsetool get_core_schema

Displays the XML for the pending or sctive search index schema.

dsetool index_checks (experimental)

Optional and experimental. Reads the full index and optionally performs sanity checks. No repairs or fixes occur.

dsetool list_index_files

Lists all index files for a search index on the local node.

dsetool list_core_properties

Lists the properties and values in the resource for the search index.

dsetool read_resource

Reads the specified search index config or schema.

dsetool rebuild_indexes

Rebuilds specified secondary indexes on the local node. DataStax recommends using other commands.

rdsetool reload_core

Reloads the search index to recognize changes to schema or configuration.

dsetool set_core_property

Sets the properties and values in the resource for the search index.

sdsetool stop_core_reindex

Stops reindexing for the specified search index on the node where the command is run. Optionally, specify a timeout in minutes so that the core waits to stop reindexing until the specified timeout is reached, then gracefully stops the indexing. The default timeout is 1 minute.

dsetool unload_core

Removes a search index.

dsetool upgrade_index_files

Upgrades all DSE Search index files.

dsetool write_resource

Uploads the specified search index config or schema.

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