Search system properties

Set the timeout in seconds for native driver search core management calls using the dsetool search-specific commands.

Default: 600 (10 minutes).

Sets the number of Search queries that can execute in parallel. Consider increasing this value or reducing client/driver requests per connection if EnqueuedRequestCount does not stabilize near zero.

Default: The default is two times the number of CPUs (including hyperthreading).


The Solr timeAllowed option is enforced by default to prevent long-running shard queries (such as complex facets and Boolean queries) from using system resources after they have timed out from the DSE Search coordinator.

DSE Search checks the timeout per segment instead of during document or terms iteration. The system property solr.timeAllowed.docsPerSample has been removed.

By default for all queries, the timeAllowed value is the same as the internode_messaging_options.client_request_timeout_seconds setting in dse.yaml. For more details, see Limiting queries by time.

Using the Solr timeAllowed parameter may cause a latency cost. If you find the cost for queries is too high in your environment, consider setting the -Ddse.timeAllowed.enabled.default property to false at DSE startup time. Or set timeAllowed.enable to false in the query.

Default: true.

Set the <path> to store DSE Search data. See Set the location of search indexes.


Set a custom number of fuzzy query expansions. Solr is hardcoded for 50 max expansions. This property allows you to override, up to a maximum value of 1024.

Default: 50.


The DSE Search per-segment filter cache is moved off-heap by using native memory to reduce on-heap memory consumption and garbage collection overhead. The off-heap filter cache is enabled by default. To disable, set to false to pass the offheap JVM system property at startup time. When not set, the default is true.

Default: true

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