Verifying the Node Hostname and Time Settings

For Kerberos the hostname is used for the Service Principal name, therefore the hostname must resolve to the correct IP address. (See Principal names and DNS.) Kerberos authentication is sensitive to system time, therefore system clocks that are manually set may cause issues. Ensure that node time is set to a well-known Network Time Protocol (NTP).


  1. Verify the hostname:

    nslookup $(<hostname> --fqdn) && <hostname> --fqdn && <hostname> -i

    Example results:

  2. On each node, confirm that NTP is configured and running:

    ntpq -p

    Example results:

    remote           refid            st t when poll reach   delay   offset  jitter
    *li506-17.member   2  u 331 1024  377   80.289    1.384   1.842   2  u 410 1024  377   53.812    1.706  34.692
    +time01.muskegon      2  u 402 1024  377   59.378   -1.635   1.840 .ACTS.           1  u 746 1024  151  132.832   26.931  55.018
    +golem.canonical    2  u 994 1024  377  144.080   -1.732  20.072

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