Troubleshooting Backup Service errors

Amazon S3 errors

If you are using an Amazon S3 location for storing backups or commit logs, you might encounter errors if the permissions or authentication keys have been changed since the backup job was created. Input updated authentication tokens with permissions to write to the specified bucket name.

The Backup Service requires control over the data and structure of its destination locations. The backup destinations must be dedicated for use only by OpsCenter. Any additional directories or files in those destinations can prevent the Backup Service from properly conducting a Backup or Restore operation.

Insufficient privileges as an AWS IAM (Identity Access Management) user causes an authentication error that displays the message "Unable to authenticate against AWS with the provided key and secret." Ensure the user has base privileges as well as the privilege for the ListAllMyBuckets action:

"Action": "s3:ListAllMyBuckets"

Actions to consider for granting AWS IAM user privileges:

  • CreateBucket

  • GetBucketLocation

  • ListBucket

  • ListAllMyBuckets

  • PutObject

  • GetObject

  • DeleteObject

For more information, refer to Amazon AWS IAM documentation.

Agent errors

All the nodes in your cluster must use Java 8 for the Backup Service to work.

The agent and DataStax Enterprise user either must be the same (the default), or the agent user must have the correct permissions to read and modify the files owned by the DataStax Enterprise user.

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