Editing a configuration profile

About this task

Edit a configuration profile. After making changes, deploy the new configuration to the cluster, datacenter, or node by running a configuration job.


  1. Click Config Profiles from the Lifecycle Manager navigation menu.

    The Config Profiles main page appears.

    Main config profiles page in LCM where you can add

  2. Click the edit icon (pencil) for the configuration profile you want to edit.

  3. In the Config Profile pane, select the configuration file to modify.

    The available configuration options appear for the selected configuration file. All password fields require double entry for confirmation.


  4. After making necessary changes, click Save.

    If you navigate away from the Config Profiles workspace after making changes, you are prompted to confirm leaving the page.

    Click OK to discard your changes and leave the Config Profiles workspace, or click Cancel to retain any changes and remain in the Config Profiles page.

    If there are any validation errors, error messages appear that indicate any issue with a setting.

    Prompts to correct validation errors in LCM Config Profiles

  5. For each error, click the error message to highlight the issue. Correct each error and then save the configuration profile.

What’s next

Run a configuration job to apply the config profile changes.

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