Key features in DSE OpsCenter

DSE OpsCenter offers features to more easily manage DataStax Enterprise clusters.

DataStax Enterprise (DSE) OpsCenter includes the following key features:

Dashboard monitoring

Quickly access an overview that shows any alerts and condenses the dashboards of multiple clusters.

Lifecycle Manager

Simplify deploying DSE clusters. Centrally manage cluster, datacenter, and node configurations from a single location.

Configuration and administration

Manage cluster configuration and simplify cluster administration.

Security management

Define security options and role-based authentication.

  • Configure security options with the ability to define user roles, authenticate with LDAP or Kerberos, configure SSL, and encrypt sensitive configuration values.

  • Configure security logging to record user activity in OpsCenter.


Configure alert warnings and trigger events for impending issues.


View historical metrics more than one week into the past and download cluster data and diagnostic information.

  • Collect metrics every minute from Cassandra, DSE Analytics, and DSE Search nodes, and store the data in a keyspace created by OpsCenter.

  • Download a cluster report.

  • Generate a diagnostics tarball to send to support for further troubleshooting.

DSE Management Services

Configure backup and restore operations, manage cluster performance, repair keyspaces and tables, and complete other management tasks on DSE clusters.

  • Configure automatic or manual backup and restore of DSE clusters using the Backup Service.

  • Continuously validate that data is synchronized on all replicas using the NodeSync Service.

  • Run and continuously perform repair operations across DSE clusters using the Repair Service.

  • Understand cluster performance trends and plan for future capacity using the Capacity Service.

  • Schedule predefined best practice rules that check various properties of clusters using the Best Practice Service.

  • Monitor performance metrics and troubleshoot issues with suggested recommendations using the Performance Service.

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