Configuring the NodeSync rate using LCM

About this task

Configure the NodeSync rate_in_kb for DSE using Lifecycle Manager.


  1. Select Config Profiles from the Lifecycle Manager navigation menu.

  2. Select the edit icon for the configuration profile to edit, or click Add config profile if you have not already created a profile.

  3. In the Config Profile pane under the Cassandra section, click cassandra.yaml.

  4. Scroll down to the NodeSync pane.

    Configure NodeSync rate in cassandra.yaml config profile of Lifecycle Manager

  5. Enter a rate_in_kb value if the default (1024 KB) is not sufficient. Adjust as necessary for your environment. If NodeSync progress is too slow, increase the value and vice versa.

    To determine the optimal rate, use the nodetool ratesimulator. For complete details, refer to Setting the NodeSync rate.

  6. Select Save to save the configuration profile.

What’s next

  1. Go to the Clusters workspace in Lifecycle Manager and select the configuration profile to apply at the cluster, datacenter, or node level.

  2. Run a configuration job to push the configuration to all of the applicable nodes.

  3. View NodeSync Status in OpsCenter Monitoring.

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