Adding a backup location

Additional locations include Amazon S3 or a Local file system.

Add or edit an additional backup location beyond the default On Server option. Additional locations include Amazon S3 or a Local file system.

The Backup Service requires control over the data and structure of its destination locations. The backup destinations must be dedicated for use only by OpsCenter. Any additional directories or files in those destinations can prevent the Backup Service from properly conducting a Backup or Restore operation.

Backup location options include:

  • On Server is the default backup location option and is primarily a staging directory. Because the On Server backup data has to reside on the same disks as the original data, an underlying hard link exists between those directories that provides for very fast transfer when backing up or restoring data. While this option does not prevent data loss in the event of disk failure, it provides the ability to quickly restore data, such as in situations where a keyspace was inadvertently dropped.

    Adding another backup location besides On Server is a recommended best practice.

  • Local FS backups perform a copy operation of the data rather than a hard link like On Server. The requirement is that the Local FS location mounts to a different drive.

  • Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) backups link to an Amazon S3 bucket in a specific region of the Amazon cloud.

  • Amazon S3 Compatible backups accept an Amazon S3-compatible storage service as the backup location. By specifying an S3 endpoint and bucket, OpsCenter backs up data using an S3-compatible storage platform.

  • Microsoft Azure backups link to a specific container in a Microsoft Azure storage account. The Azure CLI and AzCopy are required on all DataStax agents to use this backup option.

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