Configuring JVM options for DataStax Enterprise using Lifecycle Manager

About this task

Configure JVM options for DataStax Enterprise (DSE) from within Lifecycle Manager (LCM).

Additional settings are available in jvm8-server.options and jvm11-server.options depending upon the JDK in use.

For more information on JVM, see Tuning Java Virtual Machine.


  1. Click Config Profiles from the Lifecycle Manager navigation menu.

  2. Click the edit icon for the configuration profile you want to edit, or click Add config profile if you have not already added a config profile.

  3. In the Config Profile pane under the Lifecycle Manager section, click jvm-server.options.

    The General JVM Parameters pane for configuring JVM options appears.


  4. Adjust the default settings as appropriate for your environment.

    Show/hide field descriptions

  5. Arbitrary JVM options can be passed to DSE on startup. To configure any additional JVM options required for your environment, scroll down to the Advanced pane and click + Add an item. Enter a single option in each box exactly as it would appear as a Java command-line argument. For example:



    Advanced additional JVM options in LCM config profile

  6. Click Save to save the Config Profile.

What’s next

Run a configure job to apply the config profile changes.

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