Verifying that events are posting correctly

About this task

Set preferences to specify handling URL events posting on the receiving side. Follow the PHP script scenario to verify events are posting correctly.


  1. Post events to a file such as /tmp/events on the web server host.

  2. Create a script.


      file_put_contents( '/tmp/events', print_r ( $_POST,true ), FILE_APPEND );
  3. Deploy the script. You might need to restart the web server.

  4. Launch a logged event, such as an OpsCenter restart or garbage compaction from Dashboard > Cluster > List View.

    Output to /tmp looks something like this:

    ( [api_source_ip ] =>
       [target_node ] => None
       [event_source ] => OpsCenter
       [user ] => None
       [ time ] => 1311025598851602
       [action ] => 20
       [message ] => Garbage Collecting node
           [level ] => 1
           [source_node ] =>
           [level_str ] => INFO

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