Configuring the free disk space threshold for backups

About this task

Set a threshold for free disk space that must be available before a backup operation can start. Ensuring that there is sufficient free disk space helps to prevent backup failures.

  • To keep apprised of free disk space status, set up the Free Disk Space alert: Alerts > Manage Alerts > Add Alerts > Notify…​Advanced > System > Free Disk Space (GB).

  • To monitor free disk space on a specific disk partition in a dashboard graph view: Click Add Graph > Add Metric > OS: Disk Free.



  1. Select cluster name > Services.

  2. Select the Details link for the Backup Service.

  3. Click the Settings tab.

    Configure optional Backup Service features in the Settings tab

  4. Click the Configure link for the Disk Space Threshold feature.

    The Configure Disk Space Threshold dialog appears.

    BUS config freespace threshold

  5. Select Do not backup if free space is below % and enter the percentage of free space that must be available before a backup operation can start.

  6. Click Save.

    If a backup is attempted when the free disk space is below the configured threshold, the backup fails and an Error dialog displays the free disk space for each node.

    Error when free disk threshold falls below specified minimum for backups

What’s next

In addition to configuring the free disk space threshold for backups, set up alerts for free and used disk space to monitor free space when restoring backups.

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