Backup Service settings

Configure the Backup Service to ensure that data is backed up without error.

When backing up data to a destination using the Backup Service, ensure that OpsCenter has permission to read and write to and from the backup location, as well as to and from the DataStax Enterprise (DSE) data directory. Additionally, ensure that the backup destination is used exclusively for OpsCenter backups and contains no additional files or directories.

Local filesystem

Ensure that the user running the DataStax Agent has read and write permission for the backup directory.

AWS S3 and Generic S3

Proper privileges for Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 and Generic S3 backups must be configured for the IAM role accessing the AWS S3 bucket used for backups. For production workloads, DataStax strongly recommends enabling the S3 AWS CLI feature for better performance.

Microsoft Azure Blob storage

Be aware of the dependencies for each DSE node when adding an Azure backup location to back up data to Microsoft Azure.

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