Customize scripts for starting and stopping DataStax Enterprise

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OpsCenter allows starting and stopping the DataStax Enterprise process on each node in a visual manner. The agent attempts to automatically determine the best way to do this but cannot do so in all cases. You can customize the startup or shutdown of a node using the start-cassandra and stop-cassandra scripts.


  1. Rename the example script located in /usr/share/datastax-agent/bin (package installs) or in install_location/bin (tarball installs) to remove the .example extension.

    • start-cassandra.example: example startup script

    • stop-cassandra.example: example shutdown script

      cd /usr/share/datastax-agent/bin
      mv start-cassandra.example start-cassandra
  2. Edit the script to customize the behavior. The script should return an exit code of 0 when successful, and a non-zero value if it fails.

  3. Make the script executable.

    chmod 755 start-cassandra

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