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Import the topology of a DataStax Enterprise (DSE) cluster that already exists in OpsCenter and is being monitored in OpsCenter into Lifecycle Manager (LCM) so you can start centrally managing configurations. LCM imports the cluster topology and automatically builds the topology model in the Clusters workspace. If a cluster is not connected to OpsCenter, the cluster is not displayed in LCM and is not available for import.

LCM imports cluster topologies only. Configuration profiles are not imported, and must be recreated manually after importing the topology.

Lifecycle Manager does not currently support managing DSE Multi-Instance nodes (also referred to as dense nodes).

Additionally, LCM currently only supports importing DSE clusters installed from Debian (.deb) or RedHat (.rpm) packages.



  1. Click Clusters from the Lifecycle Manager navigation menu.

    Clusters that are not being managed by LCM are indicated with a red plus sign in the Clusters pane.


  2. In the Clusters pane, select the cluster to manage.

    The Automatic Cluster Import dialog appears.


  3. Select the SSH credentials defined for the cluster.

  4. Read the warning messages. Follow the instructions that are applicable to your environment.

  5. Select acknowledgement of the warnings.

  6. Click Submit.

    The import cluster job begins processing. Follow the progress in the Jobs workspace. If unsuccessful, a dialog provides a link to review the job details.

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